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Felis Catus Veritas [Cat Truth]

After a several year absence, I recently returned to the realm of Twitter. Although it continues to be a vast ocean of vitriol, ego, and incomplete thoughts, I also find that it can be used for good. Being that the platform takes kindly to the realm of Felis catus, I […]

Your Life: Habit or Freedom?

A friend once asked me, “With all the years you’ve studied the mind and its functions, why have you not written a book? Especially since you love to write?” I could have given him a dozen different answers, but what instantly issued from my mouth was, “You’re supposed to write […]

Blame and the Marital ICU [On Love]

Blame no one. If you can, correct the offender; if you can’t, correct his offense; and if not even that’s possible, what’s the point in looking for someone to blame? – Marcus Aurelius As I am certain happens with most couples that have been together for years, if not decades, […]

Don’t Believe. Understand. Then Do.

Since the time of the Roman Stoics, philosophy has generally been turned into a field inhabited solely by intellectuals that like using multi-syllabic words, writing almost incomprehensible texts that only their academic friends could understand (I’m looking at you Hegel.) Ultimately, the field became mere contrarian word games, ensuring academics […]

In the Land of the Walking Dead

At time of writing one of the most popular programs on television is AMC’s The Walking Dead. With an average of over ten million viewers per episode, and no sign of its popularity abating, I found myself asking the question, “How is it that a story line, based on a […]

2+2=4, Not Fish

In the writings of the ancient Roman Stoics, there is much talk about God (Zeus), and the gods, having designed humans, utilizing their divine reason to give the same to us. The Stoics put forth that since we were created with reason, we must use it in order to have […]