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Felis Catus Veritas [Cat Truth]

After a several year absence, I recently returned to the realm of Twitter. Although it continues to be a vast ocean of vitriol, ego, and incomplete thoughts, I also find that it can be used for good.

Being that the platform takes kindly to the realm of Felis catus, I decided they would be the perfect vehicle for sharing the wisdom and truth of the ancient Roman Stoics.

This post focuses on the words of Marcus Aurelius, and in the future, other sages will be featured.

No worries for fans of Canis familiaris. They will eventually be in the spotlight as well.

And always remember, veritas curat…truth cures.

Stephen Sumner is a writer with over three decades experience studying what it means to have a good life. He has a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University. His favorite pastimes include reading, fountain pens, and growing insanely hot peppers. Click here to follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

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